Since 2014 I live and work in Vienna.

I have graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland with a degree of Master of Arts. I studied at the Faculty of Graphics and Paintings.
I had specialized in serigraphy and in oil painting discipline – my collection of diploma silkprints was awarded with Grand Prix of 5th Students’ Graphic Biennal Art (in 2007, in Poznań, Poland).

In 2009 I was a tutoress of the Polish group of artists in 6th International Contemporary Graphic Biennal in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I have exhibited my works nationally and internationally.
Among others in group shows at:
– Polish Museum of America, Chicago, USA
– State Art Museum Novosibirsk, Russia
– Hangaram Art Museum, Seul Art Center, South Korea
– Trans Graphic Polish Prints in Tallin, Estonia
– Art Center Klatovy in Czech Republic
– Vorspann Gallery, Bad Eisenkappel, Austria

Before I attended Academy of Fine Arts I had studied Philosophy at the Univesity of Lodz, Poland.


Since my graduation I started to call most of my multi-layered artworks “rewritten spaces”, and I have also referred to them as “collages of thoughts” and “inner landscapes”, which points their connection with subconscious matter, intuition, interior world. My creative process is a way of self-discovery. It is based on being at the moment, on impulsive spontaneity. I never conceptualize in detail my work before starting nor prepare a sketch of it. I choose to work in improvisation manner, as it correlates well with my way of thinking and traits of my personality. I let myself to be inspired further by each element or layer painted (or printed), to come across new decisions about the further arrangement of the art piece in the midst of the process. My art is open to various interpretations and aims to evoke in each spectator individual connotations and sensations.

From 2019 I have focused more on less figurative approach in painting, I have started to feature various levels of abstraction from semi-representational to totally abstract, and I have rediscovered my passion for textures and coincidence in the creation practice.

Formally I am inclined to create pieces that are rich in means of expression: drawn lines, typography, handwriting, textures, patches, splashes, scratches or imperfections, organic and geometrical forms and patterns — everything placed on surface of vibrant or matching color, where all elements, and therefore meanings, complement each other constituting the unique space. The final formal outcome is a sort of experimental eclecticism.